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The technology has advanced to the point where the dental community can achieve some stunning results with people’s smiles

Our Goal Of Cosmetic Dental Care

The first and easily most important, is to positively affect the overall health and wellbeing of our patients. Our Ottawa cosmetic dentists take every step possible to ensure that our patients have healthy teeth, gums and lives.

The second goal is to maximize the functionality of the teeth and occlusion (bite). Although circumstance dictates treatment options that are selected, we always try to find solutions that restore natural functionality as much as possible. For example, the results that can be achieved with dental implants are truly remarkable. Edentulous patients that have worn removable dentures for many years are given the opportunity to resume eating the foods of their choice with implant supported dentures. The options available in restoring and maximizing functionality of the teeth and bite have made great strides in recent years.

The third and final goal of cosmetic dental care is aesthetics. The technology has advanced to the point where the dental community can achieve some stunning results with people’s smiles. Although some argue that this goal should receive minimal attention, our Ottawa Cosmetic Dentistry team at Sedation Dental Group feels very strongly about the power of a confident smile. When our patients share their sense of relief at not shying away from picture opportunities, we realize that aesthetics has its rightful place in dentistry.

LVI Certified Training

Dr. Dania Alkhani is LVI trained and certified. LVI is a groundbreaking Institute and virtual laboratory with array of live patient programs and hands on workshops allowing our LVI trained dentists to be exposed to so many unique and difficult cases. Dr. Alkhani specializes in the technical and artistic talent that is required to have the vision necessary to transform a smile successfully.

If you have wondered about your smile’s potential, call us at 613-232-3725 or email us at

Porcelain Veneers Ottawa

A number of our patients have noticed slight imperfections in their teeth and have asked us if something could be done to address that. In such cases, we suggest a relatively simple solution: porcelain veneers.

These are thin “sheets” of porcelain that are bonded to the natural tooth surface to improve its aesthetic appearance and/or protect a slightly damaged tooth.

Your dentist will assess your particular case and make a recommendation that would yield the best results. The balance that we try to achieve is a delicate one between simultaneously improving the smile while maintaining its natural look. We work closely with our laboratory technicians to ensure that the anatomy of the veneers complements your natural smile.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding Services Ottawa
Ottawa Cosmetic dental bonding is a technique that is used to “touch-up” slightly discoloured teeth or strengthen the structural integrity of teeth that have small cracks or chips. They are typically prepared with a mild etching solution that gives the surface a slightly ridged texture; this allows the composite resin to adhere to the otherwise smooth tooth surface. As a result the resin will stay in place for a greater period of time, resulting in a longer-lasting solution. It is a great and cost-effective technique to touch up small imperfections in your smile.
In House Whitening And Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit For Personal Dental Care Ottawa

One of the most accessible and often overlooked keys to a more stunning smile is simply enhancing its natural colour. Our teeth are subjected to a wide array of staining ingredients (such as coffee, tea or red wine) on a daily basis and this takes a huge toll on the “brightness” of your smile. We offer both “take home” whitening trays and fast and efficient “in-house” whitening.

Our patients are amazed at the stunning results when they compare their smile in pictures before and after the treatment. Given the impressive results, it is not surprising that whitening is most popular just before special occasions such as weddings, anniversary parties and the holiday season.

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