General and Restorative Dentistry Service in Ottawa

From preventative care to general maintenance, Ottawa Sedation Dental Group can help.

What is General Dentistry?

Here at Sedation Dental Group we want your experience to be as worry-free as possible. We provide dental care which involves the care, cleaning, repair and maintenance of your teeth and gums. We know how important your smile is to you, and we want to be the reason it is radiant. By combining oral care at home with regular checkups and repair, your smile will last.

We understand each of our patients are unique, and their circumstances are also unique. Whether you need a simple checkup, or have had an injury that requires dental reconstruction, we are here to help. Our team provides the basics such as exams, x-rays, fillings, cleanings and so forth. We also provide services beyond the basics, such as extractions, dental veneers, partial/complete dentures, crowns, bridges, restorative implants and more. Although many of the procedures have been around for quite some time, the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years, making the process simpler and the results significantly better.

No matter your history or circumstances, we provide quality care, compassion and service to help you achieve or maintain a beautiful smile. By scheduling regular appointments with us and maintaining a regular dental care regime at home, you will have worry-free visits.

Family Dentistry & Dental Care Ottawa

We have served families in Ottawa for over 35 years. Each family member has different needs. From an infant whose teeth are just emerging, to the senior who has had a less-than-adequate number of dental visits, we treat everyone with respect. We understand there are many factors which contribute to poor dental health – from improper brushing to financial difficulties. No matter your circumstances, we are available to help you improve and maintain proper dental health.

By encouraging dental visits at an early age, many fears can be avoided. A child’s fear of the dentist can stem from a parent’s reaction to the profession in general, or simply be they do not know what to expect. We take the time to explain each procedure and all options to both child and parent. We do not condemn anyone for being afraid. We will do whatever we can to ensure all anxieties are alleviated prior to examination and/or treatment.

Digital Dental X-Rays Ottawa

Radiographic x-rays are used to assess dental health. Cavities, below the surface of teeth, and root position are all easily seen in an x-ray. Other conditions such as abscesses, periodontal disease or change in bone density are also diagnosed via x-ray. Our modern digital equipment (as opposed to the traditional film used) allow for immediate viewing of the images and is also 40 times less radiation than with traditional film systems.

Tooth Extraction Treatment Ottawa

Severe decay, damage or inadequate space in the mouth are reasons for the need for an extraction. Wisdom teeth are often removed as there is often no room for them. Occasionally they are impacted at an angle and require the patient be sedated for surgical removal.

Extractions do not come without possible complications, but with proper care healing is complete within weeks.

Dental Fillings - Tooth Coloured Composite Fillings

Historically, fillings were made of amalgam or gold due to the metals’ inherent durability. Although these materials were functionally efficient, they did not blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth. Aesthetically, they left much to be desired. Fortunately, technology continues to advance and dental practices now have access to composite resins that have comparable durability and life expectancy as the traditional amalgam and gold materials. The main difference is that resins can be tinted to match the surrounding teeth and create virtually transparent dental solutions.

Ottawa Sedation Dental Group exclusively use composite resin materials that match the natural tooth’s anatomy. This creates fillings that are practically undetectable to the untrained eye. If you currently have any amalgam fillings that you would like to replace to create an all-white smile, please ask your dentist or hygienist during your next visit. They will be happy to discuss the options available to you.

Same Day Crowns And Bridges

Sedation Dental Group is excited to now be able to offer same day crowns and bridges! We have invested in CEREC technology to allow you to come for one visit and walk away with a finalized crown or bridge (as well as inlays and onlays in certain cases). What this means is if you are sedated, you will fall asleep with a broken tooth and wake up with a finalized product eliminating the need for temporary crowns and bridges and the need for second appointments.

Restorative Dentistry

Affordable Dental Crown Treatment Ottawa

A dental crown is a restoration that completely caps an existing tooth or an implant. Dental crowns are fabricated in house with our CEREC in order to mimic the surrounding anatomy of the teeth and provide as close to a transparent solution as possible. The ceramic material that is used ensures that the restoration is extremely durable and can withstand the rigours of daily use.

When used to cover an existing tooth, dental crowns protect the remaining natural tooth surface from recurring decay better than most other restoration technique available.

Inlays & Onlays Treatment Ottawa

Inlays and onlays are two types of dental restorations that are used when there is decay on the natural tooth surface. Unlike traditional “fillings”, inlays and onlays are designed and crafted in house with our CEREC. The main advantages of inlays and onlays over traditional “fillings” are durability and improved protection against recurring decay.

Dental Bridges Treatment Ottawa

A dental bridge is a restorative technique that allows the dentist to replace one or more missing teeth with a fixed prosthetic solution. A bridge is essentially a fixed partial denture which is securely and permanently attached to the neighbouring natural teeth. It is generally a preferred solution over a removable partial denture due to its overall better functionality but it does have some disadvantages when compared to an implant supported bridge.

First, in order to support and attach the bridge, the adjacent natural teeth have to be “prepared”. This entails the removal of some of the tooth’s surface which can, over time, create undue stress on the supporting teeth.

A second disadvantage is that the area below the bridge where the teeth are missing will gradually begin to suffer from bone resorption (attrition). This occurs because there is no root system in place to prevent the jaw bone from “receding”. Bone resorption can lead to jawbone fragility in later years.

Finally, it is possible for food and bacteria to collect beneath the bridge which can lead to problems such as gum disease and decay.

Although we invariably discuss with our patients the benefits of an implant supported bridge, we do realize that each patient’s circumstances can dictate a differing course of treatment.

Ottawa Dental Implants

Implant dentistry typically involves two phases: the placement of the dental implant and subsequently its restoration. The placement of dental implants involves the surgical insertion of a titanium component resembling a screw into the bone in the area of the missing tooth (teeth). Once placed, the bone in the area begins to grow around the implant securing it firmly in place (osseointegration).

Once the area is fully healed and the implant is successfully integrated into the bone, it is ready to be restored. The restoration of the implant refers to the placement of a dental prosthetic to replace the missing tooth (teeth). This can take the form of a dental crown, a dental bridge or a denture.

The use of dental implants has three main advantages over other restorative solutions. The first, and arguably most important, is related to improved functionality. The prosthetic replacement tooth (teeth) is firmly secured in place, allowing for normal, or close to normal, functionality and bite. The second advantage is related to the diminished bone resorption (attrition) that would normally occur in an area of jaw bone with no natural root system in place. The implant acts in lieu of the natural tooth’s root and prevents the resorption of the bone in the affected area. This prevents the jawbone from becoming visibly recessed and significantly more fragile than the rest of the jaw. Finally, the use of dental implants eliminates the preparation of neighbouring teeth as would be required when preparing a traditional dental bridge. It is always preferable to avoid the removal of natural tooth surface whenever possible. Dental implants allow for that.

Partial & Complete Denture Ottawa

Patients with most or all of their teeth missing require partial or complete dentures to restore the functionality of their mouth. Both types of dentures can be “fixed” or “removable”. Fixed partial dentures are essentially dental bridges (See DENTAL BRIDGES). These are permanently attached to either the neighbouring natural teeth or to dental implants (See DENTAL IMPLANTS).

Removable partial dentures are kept in place with metal clasps and this design allows dentures to be removed and inserted without professional assistance. Complete dentures can also be fixed or removable. The only fixed restorative option is an implant supported denture. We highly recommend this treatment alternative, however, we do realize that individual circumstances may dictate that a removable solution be used instead.

Removable solutions typically have two main disadvantages over their fixed counterparts. The first, and most concerning disadvantage, is the overall functionality. Patients with removable, complete dentures frequently experience difficulties when biting or chewing certain foods. The second disadvantage is related to the bone resorption (attrition) that takes place when there is no natural root system in place. The bone structure within the jaw becomes more fragile and visibly recessed when the denture is removed.

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