New Teeth in a Day

The reality is that TIAD is great for many individuals.

Who Is This For?

The reality is that TIAD is great for many individuals. However, based on our experience, the top four types of individuals are the following:

People that have Bad, Hopeless or No Teeth

Patients that we have treated in these circumstances are faced with challenges. The most obvious is they have a hard time eating the foods they once loved. The greater challenge is the social life that has long been avoided. They no longer smile. They would rather stay at home. They begin to feel distant, because they are self-conscious about their appearance.

People Who are Afraid of Visiting the Dentist

Many of our patients tend to have fear and anxiety just thinking of visiting the dentist. This results in less frequent visits and contributes to the deterioration of their teeth. As their oral health declines, so does their happiness.

People with Dentures

Those who have dentures often complain of pain, loosening and needing to use dental adhesives (glue in your mouth –yuck). They cannot enjoy their favourite foods, because chewing ability is reduced by at least 25%. Eating, socializing and even talking brings about anxiety and fear their teeth will fall out. And, dentures do not prevent the bone loss that comes with tooth removal (which makes you look older).

Teeth in a Day: Solution to Happiness

With the Teeth-in-a-Day procedure, our patients come for one dental implant Ottawa treatment. It involves being under the care of the only dental anesthesiologist in the Greater Ottawa area. When they awaken a few hours later, they have a brand new set of teeth. Our patients treat this procedure as a gift to themselves.


We’ve seen many different scenarios and reasons that have motivated patients to undergo this procedure.

Scenario 1:

You’ve spent most of your adult life paying off the mortgage and your children’s education. After seeing the youngest child’s graduation photos, you realize you haven’t smiled in almost a decade because of your teeth. It’s time you made the decision to invest in regaining your smile and happiness through this procedure.

Scenario 2:

The holiday season just passed, and you reflect back on the miserable turkey dinner where you had to continually adjust your dentures at low cost. That was the last straw, and you have decided to learn more about the Teeth-in-a-Day procedure. You look forward to the next family get-together where you will be able to enjoy everything on the menu.

Scenario 3:

Most of your friends have downsized their homes, and upsized their need for speed with a new sports car or motorcycle. Your need for speed was never a concern, but your need for a healthy, beautiful smile has been. You decide to invest in brand new teeth instead so you can enjoy life once again (and avoid the high auto insurance).

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