Why Choose Us

Our centre has been providing IV sedation dentistry to the Ottawa community for over thirty five years.
We have carefully built a team that empathizes with, and caters to the needs of those that have struggled with dental care in the past.

We understand that past experiences can make the very thought of a dental visit intimidating. We recognize that some people cannot tolerate the instruments required by our profession because of a highly sensitized gag reflex. And we certainly appreciate that some patients react differently to traditional anaesthetics and have thus had some difficult treatment experiences in the past.

It is exactly our team’s ability to understand that allows us to provide a dental care experience that is amenable to even the most sensitive patients. Although the caliber of patient care serves is the foundation from which we build, our team prides itself on the patient experience that we are able to provide. We know that providing top tier dentistry only means something to our patients if we are able to create a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Our practice, over its thirty five year history, has developed into a valuable resource for the community. It has become a destination for people that refuse to compromise on their dental care even when the very idea of a dental appointment can be overwhelming. There is no greater reward for us than to make oral health accessible to everyone that wants it.


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Sedation Dental Group has opened a new door for many people that have avoided visiting a dentist.

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Important Notice

Dear friends and patients,
In light of the recent message from our provincial minister, we would like to inform you that dentistry remains unaffected and we remain open Monday-Thursday from 8am-4pm and Friday from 9am-2pm for appointments and inquiries (both dental care and hygiene). The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and the Ministry of Public Health have provided us with specific guidelines to follow as we navigate through the pandemic. Please rest assured that stringent infection control protocols have always been followed and we have placed additional safety protocols in accordance with the RCDSO pandemic guidelines to ensure both patient and employee safety and security. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions/concerns at: 613-232-3725 or at smile@sedationdentalgroup.ca.

Sedation Dental Group
December 1st, 2021